Tweak Versus Major Change

Tweak Versus Major ChangeWhen we think of change we might think we have to stop whatever it is we are doing and start something all together new. That isn’t true. Often the greatest change isn’t necessarily doing anything new but making small changes to what you are already doing. Tweaking your current behavior is much easier to manage and maintain because it builds on the foundation you already created Continue reading

There’s Nothing Wrong With You

There's Nothing Wrong With You“Be yourself; everyone else is taken.” – Oscar Wilde

In this world we live in, I walk out the door trying to be myself. When we interact with people either verbally, physically, or via eye contact, we may be passing a message that gets interpreted differently from others. It is very difficult to have no judgment at all with the people that crosses your path. Our vision Continue reading

What is Emotional Intelligence

What is Emotional IntelligenceEmotional Intelligence or commonly known as EQ is a relatively new field of psychology. Emotional intelligence means the ability for a person to access, influence and conclude our emotions and also the emotions of other people around us.

The term emotional intelligence was first made popular by Daniel Goldman with his book Emotional Intelligence and since then many researchers have began studies in this Continue reading

Can the 80-20 Rule (The Pareto Principle) Cause You to Have Greater Income and More Happiness?

Can the 80-20 Rule (The Pareto Principle) Cause You to Have Greater Income and More Happiness?Here’s the Simple Desired Outcome:

Work the 80/20 way for a Higher Income, Higher Happiness Life

I imagine the world would have been a different place had there been a ratio of 80:20 demanded of us during our stay in the universe. Literally putting more time and attention into the things that mattered in life and passing the time wasters.

The credit of formulating Continue reading

3 Keys to Profitable Management of Time

3 Keys to Profitable Management of TimeIn trying times we nonetheless have 24 hours a day. Which may seem like a very natural assertion, however think about it. In the good times each person has so much time to do what is profitable and what they enjoy. In challenging times it becomes far more difficult to use your mind owing to procrastination and fear. The single factor we lack is self-confidence. When we are afraid, we are either paralyzed Continue reading

Overcoming Negative Habits and Programming-Remember WYTIWYG!

Overcoming Negative Habits and Programming-Remember WYTIWYG!Go to any bookstore in the United States and you’ll find rows and rows of self-help books dedicated to overcoming negative habits and programming. It’s staggering and a bit overwhelming (yep, there are books about that, too) to know which book will actually do the trick, fix the problem, or solve the issue. So many things need to be helped, addressed, and saved. Yikes! Are we really Continue reading

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!There’s been a movement over the past couple decades to modernize the importance of gratitude in one’s life. Sara Ban Breathnach’s book “Simple Abundance” in the mid 90’s, piggybacked on that trend and created a huge consciousness among women of all ages and spiritual affiliations. Wayne Dyer, The Dalai Lama, Carolyn Myss, Pema Chodren, to name a few, all teach ways we can access the power Continue reading

How People Ruin Their Lives!

How People Ruin Their Lives!If you are young, old, or an highly successful person this issue affects every single group. It might be you want a change in your life, or want a new set of “eyes” to look at your situation. No matter what the case, you came here for YOUR OWN REASON.

If you have read anything about my story, you will know that I was a SELFISH kid! I did not care about those closest to me. What I cared about Continue reading