Seeing With New Eyes

Seeing With New EyesDid you know there are more positive things transpiring in the world, your city, your community, at work and in your family than negative? Yet, it is the negative that grabs people’s attention and rivets their minds to the drama of negativity. Not surprising, then, the media uses this habit to make money. Yes, make money. The media is in business to make money for the owners, stockholders, and last to pay the employees Continue reading

20 Ways to Learn From Your Nightmares

20 Ways to Learn From Your NightmaresWhether you have nightmares or not you can get over many of your fears by working with your dreams, including nightmares and healing dreams. We show you some of our chief dreamwork techniques here, with real from life examples to inspire. Written by one of the world’s leading experts on working with dreams.

1. Face your nightmares as part of you. They have a reason for disturbing you Nightmares Continue reading

Attention Seeking Behaviour: Can Childhood Neglect Cause Attention Seeking Behaviour?

Attention Seeking Behaviour: Can Childhood Neglect Cause Attention Seeking Behaviour?To be seen and recognised is something that most human beings want to experience. And while this is part of being human and nothing to feel ashamed of, these needs are going to vary from person to person.

For some people, receiving a moderate amount of attention will be enough to enhance their wellbeing. This shows that their need for attention is not overly high and it is possible Continue reading

Is Your Desire System in Balance?

Is Your Desire System in Balance?Your desire system is the launch pad from which you launch your goals and ambitions. This is all well and good knowing this but you need to more than know it – you need to understand it.

Your desire system is not just looking at something and desiring it; It does require some effort or we would all be living in mansions – We would probably ride around in chauffer driven Rolls Royce limousines Continue reading

Don’t Give Your Life Away

Don't Give Your Life AwayLife comes one to a customer. We’re all in the middle of a one-time event. We get one shot to do it right. When it’s over, it’s over. No rehearsals, no retakes.

Why, then, do we so casually give our lives away?

How do we do that? We give our life away by living it according to somebody else’s plan. Perhaps a parent. Friend. Teacher. It could be just about anybody.

Rather Continue reading

How to Create Your Own Personal Development Plan

How to Create Your Own Personal Development PlanEvery person has a variety of personal needs that have to be satisfied in order for him to find a sense of joy. Unfortunately, needs such as personal fulfillment, a sense of belonging, romantic connections and even physical needs such as sufficient sleep often take a backseat to the professional obligations a person has to fulfill. More and more often, unhealthy lifestyles that leave a lot of people Continue reading

Switch Perspective to Get Mutually Beneficial Agreements in Negotiation

Switch Perspective to Get Mutually Beneficial Agreements in NegotiationSometimes, misunderstanding arises when we do not understand other people’s map of the world, or in other words, when we cannot put ourselves in their shoes. Each person reacts to the other, the situation escalates, emotions intensify, and the chance of reaching a mutually beneficial agreement disappears in a puff of smoke.

Whether you’re preparing for a meeting, dealing with family members, Continue reading

Going Home From Work

Going Home From WorkOh how we love to work! Work was intended to be a vehicle to sustain us, to help us to get from one place to another. It was never supposed to be the destination that it has become. Many Americans arrived at “work” and never returned home. In fact home has been abandoned for a counterfeit work life, complete with “work relatives” and “work celebrations”. A counterfeit that looks so much like the real Continue reading