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SpaceUp Profile: Fado Irish Pub

  Fadó is an Irish term meaning ‘long ago’. Fadó tells the tale of Ireland’s rich and celebrated Pub culture – a culture of hearty food and drink, good music, warm hospitality and friendly banter. In the tradition of Irish Pubs today and long … [Read more]

SpaceUp And Running: A Behind The Scenes Look At Planning An Unconference (Part 2)

What's An Unconference, Anyway? When we started this process, we had no idea what an unconference was. It's a whole new kind of idea-- originally we were planning speakers, topics, and all the usual things you would think to do at a conference. Then … [Read more]

First SpaceStop: Paris, Next SpaceUp: Denver!

  You don’t need to be a space expert, rocket scientist, or aerospace professional to attend a SpaceUp “unconference.” All you need is a passion for space exploration! One characteristic of SpaceUp unconferences that have made them so success … [Read more]

SpaceUp Denver Keynote Speaker Profile: Alan Stern

"There's way too much exploring to be done for a 40-hour week," said Alan Stern. Stern will be exploring with us as our first keynote speaker at the SpaceUp Denver unconference on October 5th. Alan Stern, 55, was born on November 22, 1957 in New … [Read more]