3 Main Stages of Our Lives

3 Main Stages of Our LivesThere are 3 main stages of our lives.

1. When we are young, we all had our dreams.

2. In our growing stage, we have been taught that if you want to be successful, we have to work hard. We also see our parents working very hard. Even our teachers tell us that if we are to do well, we need to study hard. It is therefore, understandable why for many people life becomes very Continue reading

Courage In Claiming One’s Destiny

Courage In Claiming One's DestinyThe truth is only one can: claim one’s destiny.

Courage is the thing that stands between us and our God-purposed, God-shaped and God-anointed destiny. With courage we will bridge the gap between being an also-ran in our own view and touching Destiny’s Golden Ark – success in our own minds.

Destiny must be claimed, and it always is.

We always claim our destiny, whether by intention Continue reading

Delay Is Dangerous

Delay Is DangerousThe character flaw of procrastination can effect many areas of my life. And of course, the results of ‘putting things off’, usually have negative consequences. In the end, I always wonder why I have procrastinated, and will I ever learn the lesson that putting things off just isn’t beneficial in any way. From subtle to devastating, the effects always lead me to a place that I have to recover from Continue reading

Procrastination and Overcoming It

Procrastination and Overcoming ItWe all know the feeling of being super hyped and pumped up about something and then feeling how our motivation slightly crumbles as time passes and it becomes harder and harder to perform the necessary tasks. This is probably one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to reaching our goals in life and if we don’t take action it is never possible to get any closer to our dreams.

This Continue reading

Life Quotes That Make You Feel Happy

Life Quotes That Make You Feel HappyFamous celebrity Charlie Chaplin has mentioned that a day will be wasted if there is no smile for a single minute. Whatever kinds of stress or work under pressure you face, a small smile will make you feel more comfortable for sometime. As life is going very advanced, it is very difficult to stay happy with no worries all the time. We should create our happy moments by ourselves by following some Continue reading

No Such Thing As Perfect

No Such Thing As PerfectI have often heard that there was no such thing as being perfect and that perfection was nothing more than an illusion. I have found it to be much more than that. To attain the state of being perfect, the mind, body and spirit have to be in total correlation with one another. When you have reached this level, the sense of perfection is that there are no levels higher; you have attained pure joy.

The mind Continue reading

Heavy Equipment Training – A Lucrative Path

Heavy Equipment Training - A Lucrative PathConstruction equipment operators are always in high demand and the more heavy equipment training an individual has the more likely they will be hired at a high rate of pay. This type of training can be obtained through a school program, an apprenticeship or through on-the-job training.

Those with heavy equipment training can find jobs in many different types of work. Some of the most Continue reading

Abundance and Prosperity – Breaking Belief Codes

Abundance and Prosperity - Breaking Belief CodesMany suffer inner turmoil regarding the obtainment of monetary and material wealth. Why do you continue to hold onto these old belief patterns? Where did they come from? What possible reason could it be “bad” to acquire all you need and more? Why is it considered normal to struggle to make ends meet?

Limiting belief codes keep many at the level of poverty. This need not be so. Consider Continue reading

7 Things to Succeed This Economy

7 Things to Succeed This EconomyMany people struggle trying to find out what to do during these challenging economic times. The direction you go in this critical hour will make a huge difference. So many things are fighting for your attention in an attempt to lead you astray from your intended goals. Here are 7 things to help you stay focused through any challenging time:

1.Learn something new – whether it’s a new skill Continue reading